The Cubeac Advantage - What's in it for you?

New partners and potential customers often ask what’s special about Cubeac, how is it different from other solutions they’ve seen. What’s the bottom line?

We’ll start by looking at the headline:

Cubeac headline

  • Single: Cubeac provides a central place to monitor and manage all TM1/PA servers regardless of where they reside - which server, which environment (dev/uat/prod), deployment (on-prem/cloud)
  • Customisable: while Cubeac provides standard dashboards for 90% of the ususal questions, the database and data model driving Cubeac is fully accessible allowing any report/dashboard to be built without special technical knowledge.
  • Extensible platform: the finance systems landscape stretches beyond TM1 - Cubeac can easily be extended to monitor any component thus providing a complete picture.

Another attribute that sets it apart is the comprehensive nature - it truly is a platform, not just a tool. Out of box Cubeac covers 20+ use cases of TM1 management serving all stakeholder groups. Cubeac headline

There are various features that can help in the day-to-day operations:

  • Alerting: it is possible to set up an alert for almost any kind of conditions. Examples include:
    • disk space low, memory usage high
    • system or any TM1 related service stopped
    • license utilisation above predefined settings
    • data flow tasks failed/succeeded
    • TM1 not accessible (locked)
    • module/report not run in 90 days
    • etc.
  • User friendly web based interface that requires no training and allows self-service for any user. Creating additional reports is quick and non-technical in nature.
  • Performant: Cubeac has a lighning fast database - no more waiting for half an hour to see e.g. who modified data in a cube last week.

Cubeac has a wide range of deployment options, Feature and capabilitywise the cloud and on-premise editions are fully identical. Cubeac deployment options

Regardless of the kind of deployment you opt for you get a complete platform that can support your journey in providing BI and Performance Management services in your organisation.

Sign up for a full functionality trial at and you can keep:

  • Full data flow documentation
  • License utilization review
  • Best practices checks
  • Performance figures
  • Migration packages