Tips and Tricks: How to find your needle in the TM1 haystack

Struggling to find objects or relations in a complex TM1 model?
You’re not alone. There’s no readily available tool provided with TM1 for that, unfortunately.

The best approach is to use a tool that can search in multiple files, like the free notepad++ editor. Note however you do have to have access to the TM1 Data folder - so ask for that before you need to find your lost needle.

Searching for TM1 Objects using notepad++

The only downside for the above is, that you have to know what you’re looking for, pretty exactly.

That was one of the reasons CUBEAC was created, to be able to do realtime search in TM1 object names, model documentation and generated data flow diagrams.

(UPDATE: Please note the below screenshot shows only the Admin Console. CUBEAC has now much more improved and versatile search capabilities among others. )

Finding TM1 Objects using CUBEAC

Do you have any good tricks to sift through TM1? Please share below.