The Cubeac Advantage - What's in it for you?

New partners and potential customers often ask what’s special about Cubeac, how is it different from other solutions they’ve seen. What’s the bottom line?

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Videos: Cubeac in Action

Cubeac is probably the most comprehensive and versatile management platform for TM1/Planning Analytics available in the market now. Watch quick walkthroughs of the most popular capabilities of Cubeac on youtube or here:

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Partners: Cubeac at IBM PA/TM1 Customer Day via Swiss partner KnowledgeSeed

The Planning Analytics TM1 Anwendertag organised by IBM at Ehningen, near Stuttgart is one of the largest TM1 events worldwide in the year.

Cubeac was represented by KnowledgeSeed, a Swiss business partner. KnowledgeSeed is a TM1 specialist company, that also co-presented a complex scenario modelling solution built for a global player in the financial services industry.

The event was also quite special as Manny Perez, creator of TM1 received the Lifetime Achievement Award! Well deserved.

IBM Customer Day DACH

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Partners: IFUA introduces Cubeac powered service TM1admInsight

Cubeac Partner IFUA Horvath & Partners introduced TM1admInsight, a service powered by Cubeac on their annual TM1 customer day. IFUA is a long time IBM Partner and the go-to consultancy when it comes to management accounting (controlling) and TM1/Planning Analytics in their region.

Watch their TM1 Customer Day summary video:

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Newsflash: Planning Analytics Local supported by Cubeac

Planning Analytics Local (internally TM1 11) is now supported by Cubeac. We’ve conducted extensive testing and happy to announce full support now. Due to its architecture Cubeac is in a unique position to be able to introduce support to cloud based Planning Analytics as well - work is underway for that.

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Deep Dive: Understanding performance issues in TM1 visually

In-depth video and blog post showing how to analyse and understand performance issues in TM1 with the help of Cubeac. Read further for an explanation of what can cause locks in TM1 and what are some of the possible remedies.


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What it takes to achieve Business Agility with TM1

Performance Management systems covering Planning and Forecasting are special when it comes to operational requirements. While change and update cycles in the range of quarters or months are acceptable for ERP and corporate reporting systems, the name of the game of business modelling is agility. While this is well understood, the path to get there is definitely not.

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Learning and exploring TM1's Rest API, the easy way

Getting familiar with the Rest API of TM1 can be a daunting experience. While some documentation exists and IBM’s website and the official TM1 Rest API Guide are good starting points you’ll find an interactive tool to help you explore and experiment with the Rest API on a real model!

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Tips and Tricks: What is going on in your TM1 model?

The traditional way to check what’s happening in your model was to use tm1top, a windows command line utility. IBM has removed it starting v10 and while for the moment it’s back we’ll have a look at your options going forward in the cloud era. TM1top has been around for ages but also haven’t changed at all ever since. It allows you to check the internal processes (‘threads’) going on in TM1, cancel them or log this information to a flat file.

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Tips and Tricks: How to find your needle in the TM1 haystack

Struggling to find objects or relations in a complex TM1 model?
You’re not alone. There’s no readily available tool provided with TM1 for that, unfortunately.

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Introducing the CUBEAC Admin Console

The video shows you in 1 minute the key strengths of the first product in the CUBEAC family, the CUBEAC Admin Console. Learn how it can help you and your organisation to get stuff better done with TM1.


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Preview of CUBEAC Doc for TM1 - Deep Dive

CUBEAC’s Doc module allows you to understand the data flow of any connected TM1 model. You can pivot your point of view dynamically allowing interactive exploration. Save any viewpoint to an admin console entry or generate documentation of your complete model automatially as necessary.

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